A Psalm to the God Who Leads

I will praise the God who leads me
He guides me through the maze
Blessed is the one whose footsteps are ordered by Him
Not one will be misplaced

He makes a way in the wilderness
Through dry lands He guides us
His paths always lead to everlasting water
Our thirst is quenched at His well

The righteous path is watched by the Lord
His eyes are always on those who love Him
He will not let them trip
Their feet will never stumble

O my soul put your hope in the Lord
He who led you in the past has not left Your side
He will guide you to shores everlasting
All praise, honour, glory belongs to Him
Faithful is He to a thousand generations

Image of Hiking to Snezka: Marsh Path by Roman Boed, CC-BY-2.0

Words Like Daggers

We all have words spoken over us that cut deep. They can define us, shape our very image of ourselves. But in Jesus we have a new identity and we no longer need to live under those lies

Words have been spoken
Like daggers they have pierced my soul
They wormed their way into my heart
So deep I didn’t know they were there
Apart from the silent twinge inside
That kept me up at night
And brought tears to my eyes

But now I know and now I see
The lies that my enemy has put in me
The words that would never leave me alone
They were never my own
They were not my ideas
And now I reject them from my mind
No more will I suffer in silence
With wounds that others inflicted
No more will I be defined by them
Today I know the truth

I am cleansed and holy
There are no stains on me

In all things You are good

I see Your beauty everyday

Your kindness surprises me at every turn

You keep me going through the mundane

You give meaning to all that I do

When I am confronted by stress and worry

You bring peace

When I feel fear’s claws dig in

You keep me strong

When I feel enraged

You remind me of the wrath that was against me

And of the One who bore it instead

I can bring no complaint against You

You are faithful and I know You won’t let me go

When I Write

Every time I write
I feel a touch of the divine
I feel a bit of heaven breaking into earth
I feel connected to life
I feel connected to God
It’s like a river from heaven is channeled through me
Splashing onto the pages in front of me
Hope wells up in me again
Joy begins to bubble in my soul
I know the Lord looks over my shoulder
And I know He smiles
I know He is joining in with me
And my life feels complete