Words Like Daggers

We all have words spoken over us that cut deep. They can define us, shape our very image of ourselves. But in Jesus we have a new identity and we no longer need to live under those lies

Words have been spoken
Like daggers they have pierced my soul
They wormed their way into my heart
So deep I didn’t know they were there
Apart from the silent twinge inside
That kept me up at night
And brought tears to my eyes

But now I know and now I see
The lies that my enemy has put in me
The words that would never leave me alone
They were never my own
They were not my ideas
And now I reject them from my mind
No more will I suffer in silence
With wounds that others inflicted
No more will I be defined by them
Today I know the truth

I am cleansed and holy
There are no stains on me

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