The Stone Was Rolled Away

We all have our stones
Tethered with thick ropes to our backs
Our bones crunch as we walk with them
Every back is bent, every head is bowed

We put on a brave face to the world
Too afraid to let the pain show
Making excuses when our guard drops
But in our rooms we let the tears flow
We feel so alone in our pain
Yet through the wall the same thing is happening

A man struggles up the street
His back is ripped to shreds
His head is in tatters as a twisted crown burrows deeper
Mocking cries ring round as He carries the heaviest weight of all

Suddenly the rope snaps and your stone rolls free
You chase after it in horror
It is all you have ever known
It rolls down the street and you dive desperately onto it
But it is only as you hold on to it that you realise
You feel freer than ever before
Slowly you relinquish your grip
And the stone rolls off into the distance
And many more join it as it disappears over the horizon


Image 1 – Balanced Rock by James Marvin Phelps, CC-BY-2.0

Image 2 –Big Balanced Rock Formation – Chiricahua National Monument by Al_HikesAZ, CC-BY-2.0

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