Weights press heavily on my shoulders,
The hustle and bustle of life has me in a spin,
I am not just planning the weeks to come 
I am planning the upcoming months and years as well 
Filling up my diary with endless appointments,
Just adding to the weight that rests on my aching back

But then I stop and I look heavenward,
Your Spirit descends from above and rests on me,
Imperceptible, weightless and yet so definite and clear,
You breathe new life into me,
You bring clarity to my mind and You sharpen my vision,
You unstrap me from my crushing load,
My back straightens up,
The aches and pains fall off,
The clouds vanish from the skies,
You fling my load effortlessly onto Your back and You motion to me,
And we walk together.

Image of light shadow  by Florian Sabou, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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