Footsteps in the sand
My marks of history
The tale of my days

I can see my triumphant steps, lunging forward
The gaps between steps widening as I ran forward
My leaps of joy leave deeper marks
As I celebrate my victories
And sometimes another pair comes alongside me
And we share the moment together

But I can see trails when I dragged myself through times
I can see the mark of my heels where I stumbled back
There are pits also
Some just ankle deep where I stopped for a period of time
Some are gaping where I lay defeated

And then there are my mistakes
Wide swerves to the right and left
Some are so gradual that I barely noticed
Others were intentional and sudden
In those times I left the sand and strayed into the sharp rocks
The returning footsteps are tinged with blood and a limp is clearly visible
On one occasion the limp stayed

Footsteps in the sand
The tide is coming in
Golden and shimmering
I can see my footsteps eroding
Crumbling into nothingness
The red blood is washed away
The wayward footsteps vanish, the lost time irrelevant
The pits of defeat now filled with gold

I had so many regrets
I had so much pain
But now the hurt ends
Their mark on my life has been washed away

Footsteps in the Sand by george.bremner , CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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