I am designed by You God
And You do not make a bad thing
Out of a million configurations
You came up with me
And it pleased You to bring me into existence

But the world tells us we’re worthless
Unless we fit its mould
And submit to its image of perfection
So like sheep we follow
And we learn to be ashamed of ourselves

So instead of embracing who we are
We lock our uniqueness away
Burying it where no one will find it
And it rots away

But this was not what You intended
To hide the gift You gave us in a box
To live our lives behind a mask
Thinking that we’re broken
Because we’re different

So I will thank You for my every part
For the parts I love and the parts I dislike
Because in all You will be glorified

Image of Puzzled by Tatinauk, CC BY-ND 2.0

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