The Eyes of Faith

Triumph stands at the top of hill
Shining bright like a star
So far, so elusive
It appears another world away

To those at the foot of the hill

But for those who toil and slog up its steep gradient, its far closer
It is within them
The indelible image impressed on their hearts
Burned onto the back of their retinas
It wafts in and out of their dreams
And it is the first thing their mind turns to
It may be out of view as they scale upwards
But they don’t need to see it to keep going
Their heart is set, their vision is clear
And nothing will make them let go

The Bush

You call my name
So softly, so tenderly
You urge me closer
The embrace of Your love awaits

But I turn my back on You
I am too stubborn to listen to Your call
Instead I choose to wander aimlessly
Trying to make sense of this life on my own

But You follow me even in my darkness
As I plunge the depths of despair
You stay close
To let me know I can always return

Finally I reach the end of my tether
Trapped in a thorny bush I am helpless
Tears stream down Your face as I struggle
With one word from me You would end my pain

The thorns leave gashing wounds
The cruelty of life pierces me with sorrow
Every move I make entangles me further
Finally I cry out for help

I call Your Name
So anxiously, with immense guilt
You draw close to me
And take my hand

A Psalm of Waiting

How I long and thirst for You my God.
You are like water to my soul; like a spring Your life bursts forth
Renew my life Lord so that I may follow your ways; strengthen my weary arms
And lift up my head

Draw near to me God.
You bring life to my bones; You make my heart to sing
Let me leap for joy like the springbok; fill my soul with laughter like the hyena
I cry out for You God; do not ignore my call
You are faithful beyond description
I will wait for You God

The Morning Poem

The morning comes around again
Banging on the door like an unwanted guest
As always it is far too early
Has it no manners?

My mind jars as it tries to enter first gear
My eyelids refuse to lift
Covering my eyes in half shade
My body feels battered and bruised
As if I have just wrestled a bear
My every muscle is begging for mercy
It would be so easy to go back to sleep
But there is a fire that burns within me

I fling off the covers and I leave the warm trap of my bed
I need my mind sharp
I pick up my bible and notebook
And suddenly my heart stirs
And my excitement awakens
As I remember that this cruel, cold morning
Is actually a window of opportunity
Through which I am able to get another glimpse of You

I Won’t Sleep

God I am tired and worn out
My strength has seeped away
The end of the day has come
And I have spent all that is within me

But my day will not be complete
I will not be able to rest in peace
Until I sit in Your presence
Until I meet with You
Draw near to me God
Even as tiredness tugs on me
Come down and meet with me
Let us talk as friends
Let me feel Your presence
So that my dreams will be filled with You

Giving It Up

I will lay it all down
My future and my past
I surrender my all to You

I must face the truth
That I can’t change my past
And I can’t control my future
I must give them both to You

I must lay down worry and shame
I must lay down my pride
All credit now belongs to You
Whatever happens now is not my doing

So I step over the brink
I step into the precipice
And I trust that You will catch me


I mean everything to You God
You value me so highly
More than gold or precious silver
You wouldn’t trade me for nothing
You are not put off by my scars and wounds
You draw close to me and with Your healing hand You restore
There is nothing under the expanse of the sky that You would rather have
There is nothing in the swirling cosmos that captivates You more than me
Your love is like rich honey
Deeply infused; its scent is overwhelming
It pours down incessantly from above like the spring rains
Cool; refreshing; restoring life to all it touches
It is always there for me
In the dark hour; when I am isolated and deserted
You wrap Your arms around me
Your heart breaks when mine does
What matters to me matters to You
You will always have time for me
I am eternally valued by You

Dry Bones

The weight of life has worn me down; grinding me down to the bone
The never-ending repetition is an irritant rub on my flesh
I am falling apart
My joy, my vision, my purpose falling away, leaving the cold skeleton exposed bear
Why do I live? What is my purpose?
My drive has gone, my well run dry
I need a breath of life

The chill enters in
My lifeless bones can do naught but accept its frostiness
Ice begins to form on their surface
It slowly spreads like a disease
The freezing winds of life are working upwards
Heading for my heart

But the breath of God is an eternal fire; a volcanic eruption
In a flash, the ice melts away
The glacial chains that bound me are seared
The wintry winds suddenly fade into the background
And I am drawn to the warm hearth of the Father’s love
And then comes the cooling breath from the Master
The Life-giver brings life once more

Flesh wraps itself around the bones,
Bulky muscles swell and extend; tendons shoot out and latch onto their targets
Cartilage sprouts in the joints and pools of synovial fluid begin to collect
The heart starts beating, the lungs start breathing
Life begins to flow once more


Concealed in the mist Fear waits
Looking for any ship that dares to leave the island
Its tattered black flags flutter
The skull and crossbones embossed on them
The creaking wood of its bow echoes in the silence
As it waits for its victims

Ships veer widely at the sight of it
Consumed by panic at this deathly ship
As they swing round to retreat
It is only then that Fear moves in
Gliding through the waters like a ghost
Heading for them at breakneck speed
Though its sails hang limply on its mast

But it never attacks
Not once has it fired its black cannons
The ships, in their wild frenzy, are driven into the rocks
And sink into the depths
And Fear drifts quietly back to its outpost

But sail straight towards it
Holding your course as the ship bears down on you
And suddenly it will begin to turn
As it sees that you have not turned back
Disappearing into the swirling mist
Never to be seen again

Coal Mine

At the bottom of a coal mine
My exit blocked by a large rock
Nothing but my pickaxe in hand
I am completely on my own

I swing the pickaxe once more
Small fragments of rock fall down
But once again there is no visible progress
My back throbs painfully
My arms are numb
The particles of dust in the air make me cough
It is getting harder to breathe

I can hear my enemy’s voice from the top
He laughs at my predicament
Delighting that he has trapped me in this mine
He says I will never make it out
That I will live the rest of my life in this pit

But he stops regularly between his taunts to listen
To try and hear whether I am still going
He is afraid
He knows the truth that I have now learned
That this trap cannot contain me
With every blow I am getting closer
With every blow he knows his doom is approaching

I swing again
But the pickaxe skips off the surface of the rock
My back jars and I fall down in agony
I lie for a few minutes as shooting pains run down my spine
The darkness swirling round me like a bat
In my days here I have forgotten what light even looks like

But I am not discouraged
Because it is not my blows that will get me out
Just like on Jericho on the seventh day
My Saviour will come
Any day now an earthquake will come and shake this place
These walls will come falling down
And I will be free

“For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” 1 John 5:4