Coal Mine

At the bottom of a coal mine
My exit blocked by a large rock
Nothing but my pickaxe in hand
I am completely on my own

I swing the pickaxe once more
Small fragments of rock fall down
But once again there is no visible progress
My back throbs painfully
My arms are numb
The particles of dust in the air make me cough
It is getting harder to breathe

I can hear my enemy’s voice from the top
He laughs at my predicament
Delighting that he has trapped me in this mine
He says I will never make it out
That I will live the rest of my life in this pit

But he stops regularly between his taunts to listen
To try and hear whether I am still going
He is afraid
He knows the truth that I have now learned
That this trap cannot contain me
With every blow I am getting closer
With every blow he knows his doom is approaching

I swing again
But the pickaxe skips off the surface of the rock
My back jars and I fall down in agony
I lie for a few minutes as shooting pains run down my spine
The darkness swirling round me like a bat
In my days here I have forgotten what light even looks like

But I am not discouraged
Because it is not my blows that will get me out
Just like on Jericho on the seventh day
My Saviour will come
Any day now an earthquake will come and shake this place
These walls will come falling down
And I will be free

“For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” 1 John 5:4

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