Concealed in the mist Fear waits
Looking for any ship that dares to leave the island
Its tattered black flags flutter
The skull and crossbones embossed on them
The creaking wood of its bow echoes in the silence
As it waits for its victims

Ships veer widely at the sight of it
Consumed by panic at this deathly ship
As they swing round to retreat
It is only then that Fear moves in
Gliding through the waters like a ghost
Heading for them at breakneck speed
Though its sails hang limply on its mast

But it never attacks
Not once has it fired its black cannons
The ships, in their wild frenzy, are driven into the rocks
And sink into the depths
And Fear drifts quietly back to its outpost

But sail straight towards it
Holding your course as the ship bears down on you
And suddenly it will begin to turn
As it sees that you have not turned back
Disappearing into the swirling mist
Never to be seen again

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