Dry Bones

The weight of life has worn me down; grinding me down to the bone
The never-ending repetition is an irritant rub on my flesh
I am falling apart
My joy, my vision, my purpose falling away, leaving the cold skeleton exposed bear
Why do I live? What is my purpose?
My drive has gone, my well run dry
I need a breath of life

The chill enters in
My lifeless bones can do naught but accept its frostiness
Ice begins to form on their surface
It slowly spreads like a disease
The freezing winds of life are working upwards
Heading for my heart

But the breath of God is an eternal fire; a volcanic eruption
In a flash, the ice melts away
The glacial chains that bound me are seared
The wintry winds suddenly fade into the background
And I am drawn to the warm hearth of the Father’s love
And then comes the cooling breath from the Master
The Life-giver brings life once more

Flesh wraps itself around the bones,
Bulky muscles swell and extend; tendons shoot out and latch onto their targets
Cartilage sprouts in the joints and pools of synovial fluid begin to collect
The heart starts beating, the lungs start breathing
Life begins to flow once more

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