The Bush

You call my name
So softly, so tenderly
You urge me closer
The embrace of Your love awaits

But I turn my back on You
I am too stubborn to listen to Your call
Instead I choose to wander aimlessly
Trying to make sense of this life on my own

But You follow me even in my darkness
As I plunge the depths of despair
You stay close
To let me know I can always return

Finally I reach the end of my tether
Trapped in a thorny bush I am helpless
Tears stream down Your face as I struggle
With one word from me You would end my pain

The thorns leave gashing wounds
The cruelty of life pierces me with sorrow
Every move I make entangles me further
Finally I cry out for help

I call Your Name
So anxiously, with immense guilt
You draw close to me
And take my hand

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