Around four years ago writing returned to my life. For a while it had been no more than a childhood memory, rotting away in an old drawer.This poem was among the first things I wrote as I started to re-engage with writing. It is simple but we all have to begin from somewhere.

I thank God for reigniting a passion for writing in my life and for helping me to use words to express my feelings through some difficult times. He is the only constant when life becomes turbulent. This is a tribute to Him.

God will never leave me, God will protect me
God will never give up on me, God will care for me
God will never condemn me, God will correct me
God will never hurt me, God will heal me
God will never hate me, God will always love me

Though the fire burns, it will not consume me
Though the flood rises, it will not drown me
Though the wind howls, it will not slow me
Though the lightning flashes, it will not scare me
Though the earth quakes, it will not move me
Though the storm rages, it will not engulf me
Though the plague festers, it will not infect me
Though the lava encircles, it will not touch me

When I am broken, He will fix me
When I am weak, He will strengthen me
When I am disinterested, He will captivate me
When I am lost, He will guide me
When I am wayward, He will forgive me
When I am distraught, He will uplift me

Even if the sun stops shining and the earth stops turning,
Even if the rivers dry up and the mountains fall down,
Even if I fail, or make mistakes, or if I wander away,
Even if all I stand on and rely on collapses and my dreams are shattered,
Even if my good actions are repaid with evil or I am betrayed by a close friend

You, O God, are faithful
You, O God, are constant

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