Dark Tunnels

We all have gone astray
Ignored the warning sign on the entrance
We’ve entered into the dark tunnels
The whispers of treasure too much to ignore
We join the crowd, enticed by the rumours

The echoes of laughter ring off the walls
As we disperse into the underground maze
All together but our search is our own
We look for the thrills that we so desperately crave
We push on deeper and deeper and deeper

Suddenly you no longer hear the laughter
You’re alone but you have no idea when it happened
You can feel your cold breath
But you can no longer see it
It is time to leave

You try to shout for the others
But your weak voice barely travels
The clouds of dust cause you to choke and splutter
You are suffocating, you can feel it
You stumble to the floor

The hours pass by
You’ve given up on escape now
All of your efforts to leave this place
Have only taken you in deeper
You have no hope of being found
No one seems to be looking for you
Now you wait patiently for death
To come and swallow you whole

A bright light shines across your face
A much travelled rescuer has found you
He grabs you in His arms
Tears flowing from His eyes
I have found you at last

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