Anchor Round My Neck

Anchor round my neck
Will you lighten a little?
Will you let me put you down?
The harder I struggle
The worse you seem to get
Can I get a few minutes to catch my breath?
My body creaks under your immense weight

Anchor around my neck
I don’t how long I have carried you
Every time I try to straighten up
Try to move forward
You pull me back over again
Bending me over double,
My face to the ground in shame
Am I cursed to be like this forever?
My life feels trapped in your hold

Anchor around my neck
You have told me only lies
You told me that I had to carry you
That I had to keep this to myself
You said people would laugh at me
If I told them I was struggling
You said this was God’s punishment on me
That this pain was what I deserved

Anchor round my neck
It is time to pass you to a new owner
My God will willingly carry you for me
It is not His wish to make me suffer
He suffered the ultimate punishment on the cross
Humanity’s sin hung round His neck
Including mine
So anchor it is time to say goodbye
You are no longer mine to bear

Matthew 11:30 – “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

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