The Train Journey

Temptation is like a train. It is heading for a final destination and as long as you stay on it, you are heading for it as well. No matter what you say for yourself, no matter how hard you convince yourself that you are in control. The train will continue on and on and soon you will find yourself in a place you never intended. My extended poem The Train Journey looks at the steps of deception that we go through when we are tempted.

See the complete poem on my website at The Train Journey. Here’s a taster below:

“Hello this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard the 12 o’clock train to Dundeath.”

“I hope that all passengers are aware of the special deal we are currently running. It has been widely publicised across all streams of media after our large advertising campaign. If you somehow haven’t heard there will be no fare for all passengers who stay on until we terminate in Dundeath but fares will be charged if you stop at any of the intermediate stops. I would strongly advise all passengers to enjoy the journey and stay with us until our arrival in Dundeath.”

“Your ticket comes with free catering so please tuck in and enjoy the confectionaries and beverages on the house. An automated voice will instruct you on our progress. I wish you a pleasant trip to your destruction. Sorry I meant destination.”


Climb aboard at The Train Journey