Year Review: Thank You

Hi, I just want to use this post to really thank everyone who has taken the time to read my posts this year.I started blogging off the cuff in July after writing for a long time with no one reading my work. It is a big step to put your writing out for the world to judge but I don’t regret it. Writing this blog has been a real joy to me and has blessed me in so many ways.

I am passionate about writing poetry that is not only emotive and enjoyable to read but also opens people’s eyes to the truth. I pray that it has done that for you.

For people who are new to my blog, here are some of my most popular posts from earlier on this year:

  • Game of Lies -A poem about the torture of living a lie.
  • Clarity  – A poem about how the stresses of this world fall away in His presence.
  • Giving It Up – A poem about surrendering everything to God.

I would really appreciate any comments that you have on my blog. Whether you particularly liked or didn’t like something. Or any comments on what you want to see more of next year.

Thanks once again. I don’t take it for granted that you read my blog and it means a lot to me that you do.

Story Changer

We were trapped in the mire
The mud holding us in an iron grip
We had wandered from what was right
Safe land was out of reach

We were lost in a storm
No compass and no sense of direction
We thought we knew better
The fog hid the impending rocks

We were caught in the act
In the court with no defence, no alibi and no excuse
Our hidden lives had come to haunt us
The press wait out the door to let the world know

What changed our stories?
What stopped us from getting our expected end?
Who pulled us out of the bog, calmed the hurricane and took the blame?

He came down to earth
So that we don’t suffer our deserved fates
He stepped in
And changed our stories

You Came

Heavenly descent onto a broken earth
You came to put the pieces back together
A lone star in an ocean of dark
You kindled hope again

Weak and vulnerable You came
Yet in You was the power to change the course of history
To change humanity’s trajectory
And You would also change my story

On this day began the countdown
To the end of the dominion of darkness
To the day when You would bear my sins
So in that in my darkest hour I would have hope

Thank You Lord that You came
You did not leave us to our fate
You have filled my heart with such joy
That overflows from this wonderful day
Into an eternity of gratitude

Ignore the Doubters

Who told you that you couldn’t?
Whose laugh shattered your world?
People will put a limit on your dreams
“No one’s done that.”
“I don’t think you can do both of those things.”
They will say it with such certainty
As if they’ve meet every person whose tried

So should we stop thinking for ourselves?
Give up having any ambition in life?
Is dreaming like a child’s toy
That us grown-ups are too mature to play with?
We already have people showing initiative
Should I dare to think that I too have something to contribute?
Maybe I should just slip back into mediocrity
And let life pass me by

Careless opinions
Thrown around without thought
Can snap the wings of a fledging dream

Don’t let negativity stop you
Have a go
Take a risk
Who knows
You might succeed

Lava Flow

His love is a lava flow
Making unstoppable tracks towards us
It has burned through the barrier of sin
Love has ended our exile from Him

It overwhelms our excuses
Our hesitations to come to Him
It incinerates the walls of condemnation
And rushes towards us
Rushes to hold us in His arms

No power can stop His love
Satan is sent fleeing by its advance
Our fear is driven out ahead of it
It is reclaiming the ground stolen from us

It will melt our chains
Melt our hard hearts
The winter of our souls will be brought to an end
And it will leave a fertile soil
For His forest of new beginnings to grow

The Whale’s Belly

Sitting in the gloom
Rotting flesh all around
Saved from certain death
And yet still not fully rescued
We wait in the hands of our God

Dampness clings to the skin
All light has been shut out
That sinking feeling in your stomach comes back
Every time you remember
We’ve seen the depths where we were heading

The mercy of forgiveness
The sternness of correction
The humbling of our hearts
The transformation we so desperately need

Finally we return to dry land
God has shown us immeasurable grace
No more interest in going our own way
Our hearts await His call

Love Doesn’t Have a Price Tag

At Christmas we all want to make a statement
Tell our family that we love them
Say thank you to our close friends
We so desperate for them to know how much they mean to us

The pressure bears down on us
As commercialism whispers in our ear
It has to bigger, it has to be better
You have to spend more and more and more

But when God chose to make a statement
When He made His grand entrance into history
He chose parents who were homeless migrants
His welcoming party only told a group of outcasts
On the night the Creator entered His creation
Almost the whole world was unaware

And yet His statement echoes through the millennia
He came as Emmanuel
Not God above us but God with us
He came vulnerable and weak
To show He didn’t come for His own benefit
He came for ours

So as you make your statements this Christmas
Remember that it’s the quiet whisper that speaks the loudest
Because it is not about making a statement
It’s not for your benefit
It’s about showing you care

White Sheets

We all start with a white sheet
A clean slate, an unblemished start
We smile as we cradle it in our arms
We are so excited for the race ahead of us

But we compromise
We ignore our ideals
And red paint pours down from above
Like an ocean of rotten tomatoes
All over us
All over our sheet

Time and time again you make the wrong choice
And another bath of red paint is flung over you
You cross the line in despair
Your sheet is a mess, you’re a mess
You have failed

The inspector shakes his head
As you bring your sodden mess to him
You had one job
Keep the sheet clean so it can be used
There can be no mercy for such a poor offering
No reward except that of full punishment

The inspector winds up to give the first blow
You cower down in fear
But out of the corner of your eye you see something
A Man holding a pile of white sheets
He got them through completely clean
Not a single compromise

Your heart skips a beat
A lump catches in your throat
He is holding one out to you

“…Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18 (NIV)

The Fourth Man

Our God doesn’t back away from our suffering
He does not turn His back when we are in the fire
He joins us in it

He came down
Clothing Himself in humanity
So that He too could feel the flames
We were thrown into the fire
We had no choice but He did

The fires of life will try to harm us
They will threaten us
Our friendships, our security, our lives
As we enter in, our vision is taken up by the hungry flames

But when we walk in
We will forget the flames
Because we will see Him
Who is so much more powerful
Who is with us always
But sometimes it takes the flames for us to notice

We will not be consumed
We will make it out
We are never alone

Master Craftsman

We all come to God in different conditions
Some of us beaten and bruised
Scarred by bad choices and by shame
No matter what has happened to us
God takes our brokenness
Without a word of comment or hint of judgement
He takes us to His workshop

He wipes away our stains
Cleansing us from the inside
He smooths our hard edges
Softening our hard hearts to Him
He sands down our abrasiveness
Removing our harshness to those around us

Where the wood had cracked
Where our deepest pains and hurts resided
He mends them
He makes them stronger than they ever would have been
He polishes us, giving us a warm glow
A welcoming heart to the lost
He gives us strong legs
So that we now can bear up others

We are not the finished article
Every day He continues to work on us
But we are no longer damaged goods
We are God’s masterpiece
What once we thought would destroy us
God has used to empower us
To reach out to the world in love

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)