Year Review: Thank You

Hi, I just want to use this post to really thank everyone who has taken the time to read my posts this year.I started blogging off the cuff in July after writing for a long time with no one reading my work. It is a big step to put your writing out for the world to judge but I don’t regret it. Writing this blog has been a real joy to me and has blessed me in so many ways.

I am passionate about writing poetry that is not only emotive and enjoyable to read but also opens people’s eyes to the truth. I pray that it has done that for you.

For people who are new to my blog, here are some of my most popular posts from earlier on this year:

  • Game of Lies -A poem about the torture of living a lie.
  • Clarity  – A poem about how the stresses of this world fall away in His presence.
  • Giving It Up – A poem about surrendering everything to God.

I would really appreciate any comments that you have on my blog. Whether you particularly liked or didn’t like something. Or any comments on what you want to see more of next year.

Thanks once again. I don’t take it for granted that you read my blog and it means a lot to me that you do.

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