The Dunce Hat

A throw away remark said without thought
Clings to you like glue
Slowly becoming a part of you
And somewhere along the line
We let the dunce hat be put on our head

Every time we walk into a room
We think everyone is looking at us
We hear our name in every murmur and whisper
Every quiet chuckle echoes in our head

After every mistake those words come back
With horror we start thinking they’re true
We sit in the corner
Pull back from the world, afraid of risk
Then we cry as we become alone

But come to Him
And instead of carrying painful memories
Of hateful words and careless remarks
He will give you a Book full of promises
That tells you how much He loves you

Instead of being driven to isolation
By your fear of how people think of you
He will give you a family who will accept you
Who have had the same battles
And got through the other side

He will take your shame
Your disgrace
Your damaged self esteem
Your dunce hat
And He will give you a crown

“Instead of their shame my people will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace they will rejoice in their inheritance.” Isaiah 61:7

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