She traced the scar across her face
The skin felt rough and harsh
It was so ragged, so cruel
Refusing to follow any contours of her skin
It snarled at her, its growl in her ear
“I will never leave”

She wasn’t sure what was more painful
The original wound or the scar
The disfigurement went deeper than her face
It felt like her personality, her being had been slashed as well
How could she face the world like this?

She traced the scar with her finger
Imitating the passage of the knife
And she felt a wound open in her heart

The choice was before her
Let the isolation drive her insane
Or cry out to the God who could help her
To the One who knows what it is to bear scars

She turned back to look at the mirror
Suddenly the image in the mirror changed
There she was ten years later
The scar had not changed but she had

The shame in her eyes had melted away
A sure confidence replaced it
And a warm smile covered her face

God had used her wound to heal others
Her scar was a magnet, drawing the suffering and the hurt to her
She saw herself picking up the broken
Comforting the grieving
She could understand their pain

Her identity was not based on what others had done to her
But on what He had done for her
Now the scar was not the defining feature of her face
That was her smile

The image melted away
Yes, she would never forget what happened
But she would not hide her face from the world
She had put her life in a picture frame
Stuck on one snapshot
But it was a movie with the climax yet to come

She again traced the scar with her finger
Imitating the passage of the knife
The wound on her heart now nothing more than a scar

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