Urban Paradise

Here is an excerpt from one of my pages on my website called Urban Paradise:

Paradise. This is what the city has brought. A perfect amalgamation that fulfils all our needs. Our homes to protect us; our jobs to give us purpose; our family to share life with. So many things to entertain us – Cinemas, theatres, restaurants. It is designed so wonderfully; everything fits together in harmony. It is a logistical wonder – that so many people can live together in one place and all can find true happiness and peace. At no other time in history has man had everything it needed within an arm’s reach. This is the pinnacle of civilisation, surely?

Night falls. Blackness descends. Gangs hang round every corner. Like deathly shadows they stand motionless in the cold night; waiting for the vulnerable. A drunk stumbles down the street; thrown out by his missus. Beer bottle still in hand, he crashes to the floor and curls up for the night. The dazzling street lights mean that, though the sky is clear, the stars are invisible; their soothing light erased from the black, murky skies. Cold and Frost roam in the impenetrable darkness. Without remorse they extract the warmth from the tortured souls that are trapped outside. They shiver but all they feel are Frost’s cold fingertips running down their backs…


Read more at https://joshuamrode.wordpress.com/urban-paradise/

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