Out of the Ashes

Is it possible
That in the darkest night
That in the deepest valley
Something good is being born?

Can the bitter tears
Of sorrow, regret and grief
Be the catalyst
Be the water that brings new life?

As we are put under pressure
And feel the intense heat
The impurities
The weaknesses in our character
Melt away
And we become more like Him

In the worse pain
Cling to Jesus
Who bore the ultimate suffering
And came through into glorious life
He will carry you through too
He will breathe life
Into your pile of ashes


The roots dry up
The frost sinks its teeth
Into the gnarled bark
The bitter wind
Carries death on its wings
Winter has come

Our leaves are plucked off
Until we are broken and bare
Life’s toughest times
Take us by surprise
Like an early winter
Throttling autumn’s last days

A change in the wind
A change in the weather
Spring comes as the gentle gardener
To restore what Winter destroyed

The cold winter wind
Becomes a forgotten memory
As the cool rains
Cause the leaves to sprout again
The warm sun beams
Melt the teeth of the frost
And snap its brittle chains

Our God rebuilds us
Where we fell apart
Brings healing to our hurt
After every winter
After every heartache
He promises to us
That there will be a spring

The Power of Hope

I write because I hope
No matter how dire the circumstances
In a story there is always a hope
That it can be turned around
We descend into the depths with the character
Because we want to see them rise again
As they bask in their redemption
Our hearts are stirred
Maybe our situations can be resolved
Maybe our darkness can be turned into light
And so a made up tale
Can reach out beyond the pages
And light a candle of hope in our hearts

The Narrow Path

It is tempting to take the easy path when our body is screaming at us to give in, when our minds beg us to procrastinate. Doing the rught thing can seem painful at first but it always pays off in the end.

The narrow path is a hard path
It is battered by the coldest winds
And covered by the thickest fog
It offers no mercy to the lonely traveller

It is a walk of complete isolation
Its gradient is unforgiving
And its stones are as sharp as broken glass
To walk this path seems like madness

It winds through the harshest terrain
Its final destination hidden from view
There is no way to know where it leads
It offers nothing to attract you

But perhaps the effort is dwarfed by the prize
Perhaps the pain makes the joy all the sweeter
Perhaps first impressions don’t tell the whole story
Who is brave enough to walk this road?
Because I tell you at the end of it is eternal life

“But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:14 (NIV)



The vows are read out
One by one
We commit ourselves to our Saviour
And He commits to us
Through the times of plenty
And through the storms
We will be together

But our hearts are drawn away
By men who promise freedom
Love with no commitment
To do what we want
With whoever we want
They say they’ll set us free
But they quickly bind us in chains
Strip our dignity, take all we have
And leave us broken and empty

But on our hand
We still have His token
His promise to us
To love us always
And so we turn back
We drag ourselves back to the altar

We walk down the aisle of the empty church
Our clothes torn, our body bruised
No longer that beautiful bride
That walked down on her wedding day
But He is there waiting
His love for us no different
Than the day He first set His eyes on us

As we return the restoration starts
The cuts and bruises heal
The torn clothes began to shine a radiant white
We are not what we were
But with every passing moment
We’re getting closer

He takes our hand
We go through our vows once again
Our love for Him burning brighter than ever before
Casting all other suitors into shadow
He reaches into our hearts
And cuts the chains of our previous connections
Released from our past
We are now in perfect unity with Him

Dance Through The Fire

The fires of life have been lit
The trial has been set
Without warning I am plunged in
They want to see me dance
Hop about as the flames engulf me

But I go in with a song in my mouth
And I will dance
But not the dance that they want
I will dance despite my circumstance
I will praise in faith that I will come through
Life may strip me of everything
But it won’t take my joy

Inspired by the song Dance Through The Fire by Life Worship

Invisibility Cloak

A young man slinks down the street
A dusty cloak on his shoulders
His staggering steps are hidden from sight
He is the owner of an invisibility cloak

He found it one day in a cupboard in his room
As he shielded himself behind the four walls
It slid into his hands
“Cover with me and I will hide your secrets.” It promised

He put it on in front of the mirror
But the cloak did not change what he saw
Instead it gripped him in an iron lock of fear
How much worse, how much more pitiful
Would he look if he dared to take it off?

So everywhere he goes
He feels that his broken life is on display
There may be no mention
But he fears the silent judgement
The paranoia of the cloak seeping into him

But though his own eyes are not fooled
The cloak fools everyone else around him
He looks like he has it altogether
All his troubles are masked
They can see nothing wrong

But beneath the cloak he is decaying
Wasting away into a skeleton
As the drugs and the alcohol ravage his body
Devouring him alive
And no one knows to step in

As time went on he realised he had a choice
He could continue to wear the cloak and die
Or he could take it off
And risk rejection in order to gain freedom

He took off the cloak
And threw it away
And let those close to him
See what he had become

Seam of Gold

We look in the mirror
And we’re so disappointed
We feel like rocks
Coarse and craggy
Our imperfections jutting out
Ungainly and so noticeable
We feel like a worn out mess
Not a sculpted masterpiece

If we could chisel off the parts that annoy us
A part of our appearance
A part of our personality
We would
To become the person we feel we should be

But inside of all of us
Runs a seam of gold
Endless riches deep in our heart
Waiting to be discovered
A unique treasure that no one can replicate
Its value not affected by the outside

So don’t judge yourself by the outside
Don’t rule yourself out because of the way you look
Take hope in God’s love for you
“…For the Lord does not see as man sees;
For man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7 (NIV)