Invisibility Cloak

A young man slinks down the street
A dusty cloak on his shoulders
His staggering steps are hidden from sight
He is the owner of an invisibility cloak

He found it one day in a cupboard in his room
As he shielded himself behind the four walls
It slid into his hands
“Cover with me and I will hide your secrets.” It promised

He put it on in front of the mirror
But the cloak did not change what he saw
Instead it gripped him in an iron lock of fear
How much worse, how much more pitiful
Would he look if he dared to take it off?

So everywhere he goes
He feels that his broken life is on display
There may be no mention
But he fears the silent judgement
The paranoia of the cloak seeping into him

But though his own eyes are not fooled
The cloak fools everyone else around him
He looks like he has it altogether
All his troubles are masked
They can see nothing wrong

But beneath the cloak he is decaying
Wasting away into a skeleton
As the drugs and the alcohol ravage his body
Devouring him alive
And no one knows to step in

As time went on he realised he had a choice
He could continue to wear the cloak and die
Or he could take it off
And risk rejection in order to gain freedom

He took off the cloak
And threw it away
And let those close to him
See what he had become

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