The vows are read out
One by one
We commit ourselves to our Saviour
And He commits to us
Through the times of plenty
And through the storms
We will be together

But our hearts are drawn away
By men who promise freedom
Love with no commitment
To do what we want
With whoever we want
They say they’ll set us free
But they quickly bind us in chains
Strip our dignity, take all we have
And leave us broken and empty

But on our hand
We still have His token
His promise to us
To love us always
And so we turn back
We drag ourselves back to the altar

We walk down the aisle of the empty church
Our clothes torn, our body bruised
No longer that beautiful bride
That walked down on her wedding day
But He is there waiting
His love for us no different
Than the day He first set His eyes on us

As we return the restoration starts
The cuts and bruises heal
The torn clothes began to shine a radiant white
We are not what we were
But with every passing moment
We’re getting closer

He takes our hand
We go through our vows once again
Our love for Him burning brighter than ever before
Casting all other suitors into shadow
He reaches into our hearts
And cuts the chains of our previous connections
Released from our past
We are now in perfect unity with Him

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