Out of the Ashes

Is it possible
That in the darkest night
That in the deepest valley
Something good is being born?

Can the bitter tears
Of sorrow, regret and grief
Be the catalyst
Be the water that brings new life?

As we are put under pressure
And feel the intense heat
The impurities
The weaknesses in our character
Melt away
And we become more like Him

In the worse pain
Cling to Jesus
Who bore the ultimate suffering
And came through into glorious life
He will carry you through too
He will breathe life
Into your pile of ashes

2 thoughts on “Out of the Ashes

    • Hi, I had a read of your poem and it was really good!Though at times there is a sacrifice we must make, God always promises to carry us through and to take us to a better place. I wrote another poem called the Narrow Path which looks at this as well.


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