The great I Am

How I love His Name

So simple; so concise

Yet so rich and dripping with meaning


I Am

I exist; I am real whether you believe it or not

My being is definite and sure

Man’s arguments and explanations are blown away

They wilt like grass in the sun


I Am

I Am Who I Am

I am not defined by popular opinion

I am not limited to your vision

My character is incorruptible

Unmarked and unchanged through eternity



I Am

I am glorious

I am indescribable beauty

My might is declared in a thousand galaxies

A billion of stars cower at the sight of Me

My beauty inspires writers and poets

My designs baffle even the wisest

No one can compare to Me


I Am

I am enough

Enough for Your daily needs

Enough to sustain you  through the barren times

I am the flood in the desert

I am the feast in the famine

I can satisfy your parching thirst

I can fill the cavernous void within your heart

The Wooden Cup

Drink from my cup

The Saviour gently urges

It is simple, carved from wood

But it is the best I have for you


I put no adornment on it

No embellishments to convince you

I give you my word

That this drink is all you have hoped for


Feel the deep graining of the wood

It is rugged, holds no charm

But a story of sacrifice is engraved in it

That makes this drink priceless


The water does not sparkle

Nor give off copious clouds of fragrance

It is crystal clear

Pure and unadulterated


Contained in each drop

Is enough life to revive a desert

One sip

And you will never be thirsty again


Part 1 – The Chalice

The Chalice

Drink from my chalice

Temptation whispers

Feel its silken texture

In the palm of your hand


Come and be a king, he oozes

Dine with the finest metalwork

Drink away your sorrows

From my fountain of passions


Gaze on its intricate carvings

Be transfixed by its glow

Let the sweet smell

Tickle the belly of your desires


But as you put it to your lips

You taste a sharp tang

The bitter sting of poison

And you know that he lied


Part 2- The Wooden Cup- to follow…


They are the melody of our everyday

The words, the laughter

Dancing on their tongues

Like the notes from a piper

Shimmering through the air


They are the prism to our rays of light

Turning the mundane

Into a myriad of colour

They expand our spectrum of sight

So we see so much more of the world


They break our box of mirrors

So we can see the world again

When we are blinded by situations

They give us true perspective

Remind us who we are


Without them

We are just surviving

Only with them

Are we truly living