The great I Am

How I love His Name

So simple; so concise

Yet so rich and dripping with meaning


I Am

I exist; I am real whether you believe it or not

My being is definite and sure

Man’s arguments and explanations are blown away

They wilt like grass in the sun


I Am

I Am Who I Am

I am not defined by popular opinion

I am not limited to your vision

My character is incorruptible

Unmarked and unchanged through eternity



I Am

I am glorious

I am indescribable beauty

My might is declared in a thousand galaxies

A billion of stars cower at the sight of Me

My beauty inspires writers and poets

My designs baffle even the wisest

No one can compare to Me


I Am

I am enough

Enough for Your daily needs

Enough to sustain you  through the barren times

I am the flood in the desert

I am the feast in the famine

I can satisfy your parching thirst

I can fill the cavernous void within your heart

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