All of heaven bows prostrate

The whole earth falls silent

As the King takes His throne


You are the One that Died But Now Lives

You are the only King crowned with a crown of thorns

The only warrior who can seem to suffer the ultimate loss

But turn out to have won the most crushing victory


You will be the only One who bears scars in heaven

For You take all our pains and sorrows

All authorities will throw their crowns at Your feet

And will yield themselves to You


You had it all

And yet without hesitation

You gave up all Your power and authority

To seek out the isolated

To seek out the abused and the broken

You gave up ultimate power

And became like us


In what talent can I then boast?

I can’t boast in anything apart from one

This incredible truth that God would give it all up

And give me hope beyond all I can imagine

Cry of my Heart

An empty cry

Rising from an empty heart

The holding place of a yearning

That is threatening to break out


Surging like the sea

Its roar so immersive

Thrashing in frustration

All this in me

And somehow no one must see


But You see

And You understand

For in You was the same passion

And You let it flow out

Rivers of love streaming from the base of the cross


You draw near to me

You gently touch my restless heart

Its ceaseless thudding like a bass drum

Fading softly under Your guidance


You fill the void

The emptiness that caused me to cry out

Now I know where I belong

Your love has made me whole

A Psalm of Praise

Lift your voice and praise the Lord.

He is worthy of all honour, glory and power.

Who can match his unmeasurable worth?

If all the earth were to fade away, You would remain.

You rely on nothing to survive; You are self-sustaining, all encompassing.

Draw near to me God.


Though I am stained with sin and marked with iniquity, have mercy on me.

Pour Your love on me and forgive my sins.

Open my eyes to see you more clearly; guide me on the way that honours Your name.

Teach me and I will learn the secrets of Your heart.

I long to know you God; as a father; as a friend

Your righteous, right hand is mighty beyond all compare, with it You crumple the mountains of Hades

And crush the strongholds of the enemy.

And yet it is my comfort and my support.

Comfort me once again God.

Guilt Carrier

As the charges rung out

He lowered his head


The shame burnishing in His cheeks

Of adulterers, liars and murderers


God’s fiery wrath laid on His shoulders


The punishment of billions inflicted on Him


The life connection with God broken

The open door of love closed to Him

Rejection from His eternal Father


A final breath


Finally justice for all the hurt, the wronged and the wounded

Finally restoration for the broken

Sentence delivered, case closed

Jesus declared guilty, humanity goes free

Made Clean

A clean robe for the sinner

For his sin is no more and no longer is he impure

A gold crown for the leper

For he is no longer an outcast and his disease has been healed

A white dress for the prostitute

For she is loved by her husband and she is faithful to him

The palace doors are thrown open and none are turned away

There are no barriers anymore

There is no veil to conceal His glory from the unworthy

Because He has made us clean


A gentle knock on the door

From a long lost friend

Hoping to rekindle the dying embers

Hoping to rebuild what was lost


The door is bolted shut

Darkness lurks in the hallways

The house is littered with paraphernalia

A cold breeze moves through

This is the house of a broken man


On the ground lie broken household items

The evidence of burglaries and abuse

He lies in a corner curled up

His pale frame now swallowed up in his clothes

He trusts no one, he will survive alone in here


He lies in darkness and isolation

Life beyond his pain seems nothing more than a dream

And yet only a few centimetres of wood

Separate him from complete freedom


A gentle knock on the door

From a long lost friend

He has the power to change it all

But He won’t force His way in


Let Him in

A Psalm

How wonderful are Your words O Lord,

They are strength to the weary

They uplift the grieving and restore the broken

Your statutes fill me with joy

I will bring praises to Your temple


The power of the Lord is beyond comprehension

His Name is a refuge for the righteous

He gathers His loved ones under His wings

He holds them close, no evil shall befall them


Who can enter into the temple of the Lord?

Who dare gaze upon the face of the Lord?

Will the strong warrior in his prideful might?

Will the mighty king in his royal robes?

No, only he that puts his trust in the Lord