A Psalm of Praise

Lift your voice and praise the Lord.

He is worthy of all honour, glory and power.

Who can match his unmeasurable worth?

If all the earth were to fade away, You would remain.

You rely on nothing to survive; You are self-sustaining, all encompassing.

Draw near to me God.


Though I am stained with sin and marked with iniquity, have mercy on me.

Pour Your love on me and forgive my sins.

Open my eyes to see you more clearly; guide me on the way that honours Your name.

Teach me and I will learn the secrets of Your heart.

I long to know you God; as a father; as a friend

Your righteous, right hand is mighty beyond all compare, with it You crumple the mountains of Hades

And crush the strongholds of the enemy.

And yet it is my comfort and my support.

Comfort me once again God.

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