All of heaven bows prostrate

The whole earth falls silent

As the King takes His throne


You are the One that Died But Now Lives

You are the only King crowned with a crown of thorns

The only warrior who can seem to suffer the ultimate loss

But turn out to have won the most crushing victory


You will be the only One who bears scars in heaven

For You take all our pains and sorrows

All authorities will throw their crowns at Your feet

And will yield themselves to You


You had it all

And yet without hesitation

You gave up all Your power and authority

To seek out the isolated

To seek out the abused and the broken

You gave up ultimate power

And became like us


In what talent can I then boast?

I can’t boast in anything apart from one

This incredible truth that God would give it all up

And give me hope beyond all I can imagine

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