I saw no worth in me

Yet You gave up all You had for me

Hurtful words stuck to my forehead like labels

You spun Your loving words into a crown for me

You rebuilt the ruins of my self esteem

Into a castle, secure and steadfast

Though my heart was locked away

Guarded by tangles of barbed wire

You walked in and healed my deep hurts

You told me I was more

Than the mistakes I had made

You told me I was Yours and nothing could change that

The lies that bound me fell away

And I found my worth in You

You are Loved

I planned you

You are no accident or product of random chance

I took my time when I made you

And I did good

When I look at you, I am proud of you

I am proud to say you’re the product of my handiwork

I am pleased that when the world looks at you, they see a bit of me

I left no stone unturned when I made you

Every detail was thought through

Every gene on every chromosome

Every little quirk of your personality

And more than that I gave you a purpose

I planned out every day of your life in my book

My heart bursts with excitement at the potential that is in you

I can’t wait for the great things you will do through me

I will never hate you; I will never run out of patience with you

You are mine and I will never let you go

I will never reject you

The world may disown you but they never owned you in the first place

You are always mine


Why this emptiness in my life?

Why has the light

All of a sudden, gone out?

My voice echoes in the vastness

The ghost of loneliness

Brushing past my skin

Aimless I feel I am wandering

When my path was once so sure

The veil of hopelessness flutters over my eyes

The future obscured


But then I open Your Word

And the sun rises

A shaft of light piercing like a knife

Cutting through the mist

That my feelings threw up


You never promised that I would be pain free

But You said that You would always comfort me

You never promised that I would never feel alone

But You promised that I never would be

You never promised that I would always know the plan

But You promised that Your plan is always good


I reach out in the darkness

And though I still feel

This gaping void around me

I know that You are with me

A candle flickers to life in my heart

A certain knowledge that empowers me

The knowledge that this feeling,

This stage of life

Will end

The Storm Inside

The storm whipped up around me

Swirling up bitter winds and biting rains

As I shivered in its centre

A fiercer storm awoke in me


It accelerated far quicker than the outer

Gathering angry, black clouds

Staining the blue skies of my heart

Like charcoal on a white dress


Fear began to build in the atmosphere

And let rip with large roars of thunder

Discharging panic through me

Like lightning rippling through the frantic air


Through it all You waited

Waited for me to trust You

As my worries like a whisk

Kept my inner storm spinning


I cried out and thunder stopped to listen

The lightning froze in its path

I won’t carry this burden any more

I won’t let what I can’t control steal my peace


The winds began to drop

Calm descended from above

As You dealt with the storm outside

Inside I could see the blue skies

Shining through again


In the Battle

Lift up your head

Though the battle rages

And an army approaches

Do not let fear darken your heart


See the light piercing through the cloud

Know that I am here

Though you wield sword and shield

It is I who will fight this battle


As the footsteps thud down

Like drums of impending doom

Tune into My song in your heart

Let its peaceful tune echo inside


Let the words of love flow through you

Know that I am committed to you

That even in your darkest moments

I will not leave you


Let that be the sound

That rings in your ears

As you make your advance forward

As you face up to another battle

Coat Tails of Hope

I cling to the coat-tails of Hope

If only I could just touch

Just brush the hem of His garment

I would be healed


I have clung onto so many things

My pride, my self-image

I would not yield control of my life

But everything you hold on to

Eventually you lose


It was only when I let go

Of the lies I took comfort in

That my hands

So long stained with mud

Could finally be cleaned


Now as I hold on to Him

He holds on to me

And lifts me out of the pit



I dragged my burdens

Up the wicked slope

Bitter words sprouting from my mouth

Darkness gathering in my heart


I ignored the offer of help

Though my knuckles were white

And my bones cracked like a whip

My pride was far too stubborn


Such foolishness

To plough on alone

When You are always there

To carry me when I fall


I let go of the reins

And put my trust in You

When the world becomes too much

Out to You will I cry


When I feel the burden pulling me down

I will slip to the floor

Down to my knees

And give it up to You

Wind of God

Wind of God

Blow away my staleness

Fill my lungs with fresh air

Call in fresh rains


Wind of God

Pull down my self-made structures

Drive me off the path of self determination

Bring down the walls in my life


Wind of God

Billow my limp sails

Propel me into Your arms

Send me soaring into the sky