You are Loved

I planned you

You are no accident or product of random chance

I took my time when I made you

And I did good

When I look at you, I am proud of you

I am proud to say you’re the product of my handiwork

I am pleased that when the world looks at you, they see a bit of me

I left no stone unturned when I made you

Every detail was thought through

Every gene on every chromosome

Every little quirk of your personality

And more than that I gave you a purpose

I planned out every day of your life in my book

My heart bursts with excitement at the potential that is in you

I can’t wait for the great things you will do through me

I will never hate you; I will never run out of patience with you

You are mine and I will never let you go

I will never reject you

The world may disown you but they never owned you in the first place

You are always mine

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