Cold was the light of the stars

As the bitter winds whipped through the open fields

I was a lone tree on an empty moor

Exposed to the wickedness of the dark


I said that I knew the way back

I said that I knew better

My proud heart had poisoned my well of trust

And now I drank its bitter gall


Fear stalked me as I walked

Its foul breath on the back of my neck

Its tendrils reached out to grab me

To squeeze and shake me like a rag doll


My hands shook as I typed the number

I did not know if it was the cold or the terror

It rang once and then twice

Each ring feeling like an eternity



I choked back the lump in my throat

And the pride in my heart

And I asked for help


“Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” Psalm 30:2


God’s passion surges in the rolling waves

His cry echoing like the gull’s

He waits for us with great longing

A thundering storm on the horizon


Will you go deeper?


Too many of us stay by the shore

Content to stay shallow

Content for life to all about us

Only dipping in our toes to ease our conscience


Will you go deeper?


That small dark spot soon takes up the sky

As we sail out to sea

The drenching rains of His love

Erupting as we live in His presence


Will you go deeper?


His Wind takes us to new areas

As we travel on we find lost souls

Cast adrift, looking for hope

People we can only reach if we go deeper


Will you go deeper?

Fiery Darts

Accusing darts fired relentlessly

A hailstorm of fiery arrows

A flurry of lies that pierce to the heart

A flurry of lies that cut to the bone


Are we resisting this onslaught?

Or are we standing by passively?

Accepting this barrage of baseless guilt

Letting it define our identity


Wake up!

The punishment has already been taken

Our guilt has been transferred

Jesus takes all of our blame


So lift up your shield of faith

And bat every lie away

Never forget what Christ has done

Never let guilt from the past define you