My name is Joshua Mrode and I started this blog as a place to share the writing that God has inspired in me over the last few years.

Ever since I was young I have been passionate about writing. I spent considerable time as a child reading Roald Dahl, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien and other great authors like that. And I wrote a lot of my own stories as well. However as I got older I found that reading and writing imaginatively were pushed aside by my studies. I came to the end of high school and I had real desire to reignite that passion in my life again. So I started to write once more and I have not stopped until this day.

So many times through writing I have found God and He has picked me up from difficult times. It is His love that inspires me and flows through me onto these pages. My only aim as I write is to thank Him for that love and to show you the mere glimpse of it that I have seen.

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  1. This resonates with me a lot, as I have a similar story. It’s always encouraging to find other people who love God and love writing, and are using the gifts He has given us. I’m glad I found your blog!

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  2. I am glad it meant something to you! It is such a blessing for God to work through our giftings. I pray that God will continue to work in your life and that He will use your writing to bless yourself and others.


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