I walked alone

Lost in the night

Or so I thought


The waves towered

My belongings lost

Or so I thought


But I didn’t think

That my loneliness showed I needed to reach out

That the darkness outside

Showed how much I needed light within


And I didn’t think that the fierce waves

Would force me to learn to swim

That my lost possessions

Would make me realise what really matters


I walk in the night

No longer alone

I sail the seas

No longer weighed down

I am Yours

The breath in our lungs

Every inhale

Every exhale

Is because You allow it


The flow of blood in our veins

Every heart beat

Every contraction

Is a gift from You


The length of our days

Every second

Every moment

Is a loan You have given us to spend


You own me completely

Life is a gift

Yet You have given me the freedom of what I do with it

I choose to follow You


I sink my feet in

Into the cement of Your Word

It wraps around my legs

I am locked into its grip


The earth quakes beneath

The four winds of uncertainty

Strike me from every side

But I am not moved


Economies fail and empires fall

Predictions miss their mark

The unthinkable becomes reality

But nothing can shake Your Word


For every challenge

I have a promise

I have a truth for every lie

I have a hope which is anchored in heaven

Lead Me

Steady this hand

As it hovers over this paper

Guide it O Lord

Don’t let it go astray


May every stroke

Each flourish

Point towards You

And to nothing else


As the ink flows

From the pen to the paper

May Your Spirit flow

Through me to the world


Your Words forged the first ray of light

Gave life to every living cell

They are filled with Your amazing power

Let every word I write come from You



Sharp as a knife

Precise as a scalpel

Remove the lies in me



Bold as a sword

Direct as a laser beam

Cut away deception’s bonds



Open my eyes

Unplug my ears

So my heart can take you in



Ferment in my heart

Germinate in my soul

Become a part of me