Urban Paradise

Here is an excerpt from one of my pages on my website called Urban Paradise:

Paradise. This is what the city has brought. A perfect amalgamation that fulfils all our needs. Our homes to protect us; our jobs to give us purpose; our family to share life with. So many things to entertain us – Cinemas, theatres, restaurants. It is designed so wonderfully; everything fits together in harmony. It is a logistical wonder – that so many people can live together in one place and all can find true happiness and peace. At no other time in history has man had everything it needed within an arm’s reach. This is the pinnacle of civilisation, surely?

Night falls. Blackness descends. Gangs hang round every corner. Like deathly shadows they stand motionless in the cold night; waiting for the vulnerable. A drunk stumbles down the street; thrown out by his missus. Beer bottle still in hand, he crashes to the floor and curls up for the night. The dazzling street lights mean that, though the sky is clear, the stars are invisible; their soothing light erased from the black, murky skies. Cold and Frost roam in the impenetrable darkness. Without remorse they extract the warmth from the tortured souls that are trapped outside. They shiver but all they feel are Frost’s cold fingertips running down their backs…


Read more at https://joshuamrode.wordpress.com/urban-paradise/

Year Review: Thank You

Hi, I just want to use this post to really thank everyone who has taken the time to read my posts this year.I started blogging off the cuff in July after writing for a long time with no one reading my work. It is a big step to put your writing out for the world to judge but I don’t regret it. Writing this blog has been a real joy to me and has blessed me in so many ways.

I am passionate about writing poetry that is not only emotive and enjoyable to read but also opens people’s eyes to the truth. I pray that it has done that for you.

For people who are new to my blog, here are some of my most popular posts from earlier on this year:

  • Game of Lies -A poem about the torture of living a lie.
  • Clarity  – A poem about how the stresses of this world fall away in His presence.
  • Giving It Up – A poem about surrendering everything to God.

I would really appreciate any comments that you have on my blog. Whether you particularly liked or didn’t like something. Or any comments on what you want to see more of next year.

Thanks once again. I don’t take it for granted that you read my blog and it means a lot to me that you do.

Rubix’s Cube

Life likes to throw puzzles at us
Situations that frustrate us
Problems that engulf us
A Rubix’s cube
A sea of ever changing variables
Where the goal is constantly shifting
We struggle with possible solutions in our mind
Trying to make sense out of madness
Trying to bring order out of chaos

But don’t labour in vain
Let go of your pride
Let go of your determination to be independent
Put the puzzle down
And you’re halfway to solving it

Give your problems to God
Whatever your challenge, trust in Him
In His hands the spinning colours will fall into place
That jumbled mess will suddenly come together
Never believe the lie that you are alone
Whatever your problem, whatever your difficulty
There is help for those who ask

The Train Journey

Temptation is like a train. It is heading for a final destination and as long as you stay on it, you are heading for it as well. No matter what you say for yourself, no matter how hard you convince yourself that you are in control. The train will continue on and on and soon you will find yourself in a place you never intended. My extended poem The Train Journey looks at the steps of deception that we go through when we are tempted.

See the complete poem on my website at The Train Journey. Here’s a taster below:

“Hello this is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard the 12 o’clock train to Dundeath.”

“I hope that all passengers are aware of the special deal we are currently running. It has been widely publicised across all streams of media after our large advertising campaign. If you somehow haven’t heard there will be no fare for all passengers who stay on until we terminate in Dundeath but fares will be charged if you stop at any of the intermediate stops. I would strongly advise all passengers to enjoy the journey and stay with us until our arrival in Dundeath.”

“Your ticket comes with free catering so please tuck in and enjoy the confectionaries and beverages on the house. An automated voice will instruct you on our progress. I wish you a pleasant trip to your destruction. Sorry I meant destination.”


Climb aboard at The Train Journey


In all things You are good

I see Your beauty everyday

Your kindness surprises me at every turn

You keep me going through the mundane

You give meaning to all that I do

When I am confronted by stress and worry

You bring peace

When I feel fear’s claws dig in

You keep me strong

When I feel enraged

You remind me of the wrath that was against me

And of the One who bore it instead

I can bring no complaint against You

You are faithful and I know You won’t let me go