You Came

Heavenly descent onto a broken earth
You came to put the pieces back together
A lone star in an ocean of dark
You kindled hope again

Weak and vulnerable You came
Yet in You was the power to change the course of history
To change humanity’s trajectory
And You would also change my story

On this day began the countdown
To the end of the dominion of darkness
To the day when You would bear my sins
So in that in my darkest hour I would have hope

Thank You Lord that You came
You did not leave us to our fate
You have filled my heart with such joy
That overflows from this wonderful day
Into an eternity of gratitude

Love Doesn’t Have a Price Tag

At Christmas we all want to make a statement
Tell our family that we love them
Say thank you to our close friends
We so desperate for them to know how much they mean to us

The pressure bears down on us
As commercialism whispers in our ear
It has to bigger, it has to be better
You have to spend more and more and more

But when God chose to make a statement
When He made His grand entrance into history
He chose parents who were homeless migrants
His welcoming party only told a group of outcasts
On the night the Creator entered His creation
Almost the whole world was unaware

And yet His statement echoes through the millennia
He came as Emmanuel
Not God above us but God with us
He came vulnerable and weak
To show He didn’t come for His own benefit
He came for ours

So as you make your statements this Christmas
Remember that it’s the quiet whisper that speaks the loudest
Because it is not about making a statement
It’s not for your benefit
It’s about showing you care