Fill me O God

But never let me stop being hungry

Drench me

But may I always thirst for more


Let my heart be an ocean

That forever breaks its borders

Increase my capacity

Extend the depths of my soul


When the well within me

Becomes a cesspit of despair

I will turn to Your Word

To purge me of my doubt


May I not seek quick thrills

Let my mouth not be spoiled by cheap pleasures

May I always turn to You

For the satisfaction of my soul




The Chalice

Drink from my chalice

Temptation whispers

Feel its silken texture

In the palm of your hand


Come and be a king, he oozes

Dine with the finest metalwork

Drink away your sorrows

From my fountain of passions


Gaze on its intricate carvings

Be transfixed by its glow

Let the sweet smell

Tickle the belly of your desires


But as you put it to your lips

You taste a sharp tang

The bitter sting of poison

And you know that he lied


Part 2- The Wooden Cup- to follow…