Bitter Root

Plant a seed of anger
Bury it deep inside
Protect it, let no one know
Every night nurture it
Tend gently to its leaves

That’s the way to feed it
Never, ever forget
Let its poison flow through you

The plant begins to grow
Coiling out from the heart
Its tendrils reach out and grasp your arms
And weaves gently round your torso

For a while you indulge in its fragrance
Breathing in its scented fumes
But then you begin to realise
It’s poisoning the atmosphere
Slowly choking out all joy

It is taking root

The plant turns ashen grey
And constricts on itself
The sickly grey begins to morph
Into cold, cruel metal
Into cold, cruel chains

“In your anger do not sin: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” Ephesians 4:24 (NIV)


Release onto the page
The imaginings, the ideas
As black ink
Spilled onto the paper
Open a window into my mind
And break down the separating wall
Unleash the dam of feelings
Let them run rich down the page

Let the tangled threads be slowly unwound
Release the tension, make sense of them
Open blind eyes
Your own first
Look at the world, look at His Word
Then share the light with anyone you can
But remember who the source of the oil is
Or your lamp will quickly fade

Writing is like breathing
You take in truth
The world as you perceive it
Advice and inspiration from others
And then you breath it out
Sometimes what comes out first
Is nothing more than hot air
But as you keep going you get to the gold
The stuff worth bottling and keeping

Every word I write is bursting with a thousand things
My vision, my dreams, my motivation
Simmering like a flame with passion
I hope that it will set you alight