Why this emptiness in my life?

Why has the light

All of a sudden, gone out?

My voice echoes in the vastness

The ghost of loneliness

Brushing past my skin

Aimless I feel I am wandering

When my path was once so sure

The veil of hopelessness flutters over my eyes

The future obscured


But then I open Your Word

And the sun rises

A shaft of light piercing like a knife

Cutting through the mist

That my feelings threw up


You never promised that I would be pain free

But You said that You would always comfort me

You never promised that I would never feel alone

But You promised that I never would be

You never promised that I would always know the plan

But You promised that Your plan is always good


I reach out in the darkness

And though I still feel

This gaping void around me

I know that You are with me

A candle flickers to life in my heart

A certain knowledge that empowers me

The knowledge that this feeling,

This stage of life

Will end