I walked alone

Lost in the night

Or so I thought


The waves towered

My belongings lost

Or so I thought


But I didn’t think

That my loneliness showed I needed to reach out

That the darkness outside

Showed how much I needed light within


And I didn’t think that the fierce waves

Would force me to learn to swim

That my lost possessions

Would make me realise what really matters


I walk in the night

No longer alone

I sail the seas

No longer weighed down



Sharp as a knife

Precise as a scalpel

Remove the lies in me



Bold as a sword

Direct as a laser beam

Cut away deception’s bonds



Open my eyes

Unplug my ears

So my heart can take you in



Ferment in my heart

Germinate in my soul

Become a part of me

The Graveyard

I come to the graveyard

Wandering among the black tombstones

The silence echoes amongst the ancient stones

As I search for my own name


I stare at the etched letters

Chiselled into the cold rock

My dark past lies beneath my feet

Locked in a cage of cold earth


My mind cannot help but wander

To a grave now long lost

A grave that could not hold its captive

Where life burst out like a fountain


I lay down my wreath of thorns

As tears stream down my face

His sacrifice means the old me will always stay dead

And my new life will never end

Fiery Darts

Accusing darts fired relentlessly

A hailstorm of fiery arrows

A flurry of lies that pierce to the heart

A flurry of lies that cut to the bone


Are we resisting this onslaught?

Or are we standing by passively?

Accepting this barrage of baseless guilt

Letting it define our identity


Wake up!

The punishment has already been taken

Our guilt has been transferred

Jesus takes all of our blame


So lift up your shield of faith

And bat every lie away

Never forget what Christ has done

Never let guilt from the past define you

The Freedom of Writing

The crispness of the white paper

Under the scratch of my black pen

Its fresh smell filling my nostrils

As I lean in closer


The words roll onto the page

Like a storm rolling in from the sea

Who knows its path or its direction?

All I know is that I will soak in its rains


No restraints, no inhibitions

Just the freedom to write

The freedom to climb aboard the train of thought

And to see where it takes me

Land of the Free

I see a land

Just beyond the horizon

Where freedom is the song

And shame is a forgotten memory

Where we run free as the wind

Abandoned in joy

Unshackled from our chains


It is a land where there are no outcasts

None that are unloved

Where the barriers that divide us

Are torn down and rejected

All are welcomed into His circle

To burn radiant in His love


It is a land of mercy

The entrance fee paid for

Every feature shaped and carved

By the unstoppable force that is grace

A cost too high to imagine

A love too committed to back down

A joy that will last for eternity


I see a land

Just beyond the horizon

And with every day

With every act of kindness

It is drawing nearer