The Graveyard

I come to the graveyard

Wandering among the black tombstones

The silence echoes amongst the ancient stones

As I search for my own name


I stare at the etched letters

Chiselled into the cold rock

My dark past lies beneath my feet

Locked in a cage of cold earth


My mind cannot help but wander

To a grave now long lost

A grave that could not hold its captive

Where life burst out like a fountain


I lay down my wreath of thorns

As tears stream down my face

His sacrifice means the old me will always stay dead

And my new life will never end

Land of the Free

I see a land

Just beyond the horizon

Where freedom is the song

And shame is a forgotten memory

Where we run free as the wind

Abandoned in joy

Unshackled from our chains


It is a land where there are no outcasts

None that are unloved

Where the barriers that divide us

Are torn down and rejected

All are welcomed into His circle

To burn radiant in His love


It is a land of mercy

The entrance fee paid for

Every feature shaped and carved

By the unstoppable force that is grace

A cost too high to imagine

A love too committed to back down

A joy that will last for eternity


I see a land

Just beyond the horizon

And with every day

With every act of kindness

It is drawing nearer


A Psalm

How wonderful are Your words O Lord,

They are strength to the weary

They uplift the grieving and restore the broken

Your statutes fill me with joy

I will bring praises to Your temple


The power of the Lord is beyond comprehension

His Name is a refuge for the righteous

He gathers His loved ones under His wings

He holds them close, no evil shall befall them


Who can enter into the temple of the Lord?

Who dare gaze upon the face of the Lord?

Will the strong warrior in his prideful might?

Will the mighty king in his royal robes?

No, only he that puts his trust in the Lord

Story Changer

We were trapped in the mire
The mud holding us in an iron grip
We had wandered from what was right
Safe land was out of reach

We were lost in a storm
No compass and no sense of direction
We thought we knew better
The fog hid the impending rocks

We were caught in the act
In the court with no defence, no alibi and no excuse
Our hidden lives had come to haunt us
The press wait out the door to let the world know

What changed our stories?
What stopped us from getting our expected end?
Who pulled us out of the bog, calmed the hurricane and took the blame?

He came down to earth
So that we don’t suffer our deserved fates
He stepped in
And changed our stories

The Whale’s Belly

Sitting in the gloom
Rotting flesh all around
Saved from certain death
And yet still not fully rescued
We wait in the hands of our God

Dampness clings to the skin
All light has been shut out
That sinking feeling in your stomach comes back
Every time you remember
We’ve seen the depths where we were heading

The mercy of forgiveness
The sternness of correction
The humbling of our hearts
The transformation we so desperately need

Finally we return to dry land
God has shown us immeasurable grace
No more interest in going our own way
Our hearts await His call