Lead Me

Steady this hand

As it hovers over this paper

Guide it O Lord

Don’t let it go astray


May every stroke

Each flourish

Point towards You

And to nothing else


As the ink flows

From the pen to the paper

May Your Spirit flow

Through me to the world


Your Words forged the first ray of light

Gave life to every living cell

They are filled with Your amazing power

Let every word I write come from You

A Psalm to the God Who Leads

I will praise the God who leads me
He guides me through the maze
Blessed is the one whose footsteps are ordered by Him
Not one will be misplaced

He makes a way in the wilderness
Through dry lands He guides us
His paths always lead to everlasting water
Our thirst is quenched at His well

The righteous path is watched by the Lord
His eyes are always on those who love Him
He will not let them trip
Their feet will never stumble

O my soul put your hope in the Lord
He who led you in the past has not left Your side
He will guide you to shores everlasting
All praise, honour, glory belongs to Him
Faithful is He to a thousand generations

Image of Hiking to Snezka: Marsh Path by Roman Boed, CC-BY-2.0