Fiery Darts

Accusing darts fired relentlessly

A hailstorm of fiery arrows

A flurry of lies that pierce to the heart

A flurry of lies that cut to the bone


Are we resisting this onslaught?

Or are we standing by passively?

Accepting this barrage of baseless guilt

Letting it define our identity


Wake up!

The punishment has already been taken

Our guilt has been transferred

Jesus takes all of our blame


So lift up your shield of faith

And bat every lie away

Never forget what Christ has done

Never let guilt from the past define you

White Sheets

We all start with a white sheet
A clean slate, an unblemished start
We smile as we cradle it in our arms
We are so excited for the race ahead of us

But we compromise
We ignore our ideals
And red paint pours down from above
Like an ocean of rotten tomatoes
All over us
All over our sheet

Time and time again you make the wrong choice
And another bath of red paint is flung over you
You cross the line in despair
Your sheet is a mess, you’re a mess
You have failed

The inspector shakes his head
As you bring your sodden mess to him
You had one job
Keep the sheet clean so it can be used
There can be no mercy for such a poor offering
No reward except that of full punishment

The inspector winds up to give the first blow
You cower down in fear
But out of the corner of your eye you see something
A Man holding a pile of white sheets
He got them through completely clean
Not a single compromise

Your heart skips a beat
A lump catches in your throat
He is holding one out to you

“…Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18 (NIV)


Footsteps in the sand
My marks of history
The tale of my days

I can see my triumphant steps, lunging forward
The gaps between steps widening as I ran forward
My leaps of joy leave deeper marks
As I celebrate my victories
And sometimes another pair comes alongside me
And we share the moment together

But I can see trails when I dragged myself through times
I can see the mark of my heels where I stumbled back
There are pits also
Some just ankle deep where I stopped for a period of time
Some are gaping where I lay defeated

And then there are my mistakes
Wide swerves to the right and left
Some are so gradual that I barely noticed
Others were intentional and sudden
In those times I left the sand and strayed into the sharp rocks
The returning footsteps are tinged with blood and a limp is clearly visible
On one occasion the limp stayed

Footsteps in the sand
The tide is coming in
Golden and shimmering
I can see my footsteps eroding
Crumbling into nothingness
The red blood is washed away
The wayward footsteps vanish, the lost time irrelevant
The pits of defeat now filled with gold

I had so many regrets
I had so much pain
But now the hurt ends
Their mark on my life has been washed away

Footsteps in the Sand by george.bremner , CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Stone Was Rolled Away

We all have our stones
Tethered with thick ropes to our backs
Our bones crunch as we walk with them
Every back is bent, every head is bowed

We put on a brave face to the world
Too afraid to let the pain show
Making excuses when our guard drops
But in our rooms we let the tears flow
We feel so alone in our pain
Yet through the wall the same thing is happening

A man struggles up the street
His back is ripped to shreds
His head is in tatters as a twisted crown burrows deeper
Mocking cries ring round as He carries the heaviest weight of all

Suddenly the rope snaps and your stone rolls free
You chase after it in horror
It is all you have ever known
It rolls down the street and you dive desperately onto it
But it is only as you hold on to it that you realise
You feel freer than ever before
Slowly you relinquish your grip
And the stone rolls off into the distance
And many more join it as it disappears over the horizon


Image 1 – Balanced Rock by James Marvin Phelps, CC-BY-2.0

Image 2 –Big Balanced Rock Formation – Chiricahua National Monument by Al_HikesAZ, CC-BY-2.0