A Writer’s Desire

Like a waterfall the words flow

Tumbling out of my heart

There is no force that can hold them back

Nothing can contain this urge to create


The desire burns inside me

My heart glows like a hot iron

Passion pumping through me – my life blood

Every day it burns brighter


So I place my words on a boat

And push it off from the shore

I feel my heart lurch as they float away

Knowing they are gone forever


A brief moment of respite

And then back to the coal face

The passion is still there

There is much work yet for me to do

Walls of Water

This is an old piece of writing that I wrote several years back. I really like so I thought I would share it.

You are like walls of water, stretching to the heavens, towering to my left and to my right.The sheer mass of the water overwhelms me, tonnes upon tonnes of clear, glinting liquid piled on top of each other.

Surely all the oceans of the world would be just like a drop compared to these incredible pillars. If they fell I would be crushed and buried, lost to the unreachable depths. The force could crush mountains into pulp and bring their lofty peaks to the ground. I fall to my knees at the mercy of this terrifying God.

It is only then I realise that these mountains of water represent your incomprehensible love. Suddenly I am enveloped, swept out of my depths, as the water comes crashing down to embrace me. I am left swirling in the throes of your passion for me. I am intoxicated by the sweet fragrance that fills my nostrils. I am loved, accepted by you.

I look up and see the surface twinkling miles away. I could swim up for days and not reach the top. But instead I sink to the bottom, overawed, and let the currents of your love wash over me.

Land of the Free

I see a land

Just beyond the horizon

Where freedom is the song

And shame is a forgotten memory

Where we run free as the wind

Abandoned in joy

Unshackled from our chains


It is a land where there are no outcasts

None that are unloved

Where the barriers that divide us

Are torn down and rejected

All are welcomed into His circle

To burn radiant in His love


It is a land of mercy

The entrance fee paid for

Every feature shaped and carved

By the unstoppable force that is grace

A cost too high to imagine

A love too committed to back down

A joy that will last for eternity


I see a land

Just beyond the horizon

And with every day

With every act of kindness

It is drawing nearer


Made Clean

A clean robe for the sinner

For his sin is no more and no longer is he impure

A gold crown for the leper

For he is no longer an outcast and his disease has been healed

A white dress for the prostitute

For she is loved by her husband and she is faithful to him

The palace doors are thrown open and none are turned away

There are no barriers anymore

There is no veil to conceal His glory from the unworthy

Because He has made us clean

A Psalm

How wonderful are Your words O Lord,

They are strength to the weary

They uplift the grieving and restore the broken

Your statutes fill me with joy

I will bring praises to Your temple


The power of the Lord is beyond comprehension

His Name is a refuge for the righteous

He gathers His loved ones under His wings

He holds them close, no evil shall befall them


Who can enter into the temple of the Lord?

Who dare gaze upon the face of the Lord?

Will the strong warrior in his prideful might?

Will the mighty king in his royal robes?

No, only he that puts his trust in the Lord


They are the melody of our everyday

The words, the laughter

Dancing on their tongues

Like the notes from a piper

Shimmering through the air


They are the prism to our rays of light

Turning the mundane

Into a myriad of colour

They expand our spectrum of sight

So we see so much more of the world


They break our box of mirrors

So we can see the world again

When we are blinded by situations

They give us true perspective

Remind us who we are


Without them

We are just surviving

Only with them

Are we truly living

A Tribute to Hope

You are the ray of light

That pierces through my gloom

You are the thundering clouds

That gathers above my desert

You are the polar star

That shines in my blackest night

You are the soothing answer

To my heart broken cry



Looking back in my journal

I see the goodness of God


I see desperate prayers

About who I am, about my situation

Answered a few pages later


I see that God has been speaking to me

That there is a theme to His messages

My doubts of hearing from Him are totally unfounded


I see my current emotions

Written in the pages before

And I am comforted that I can go through this again


My despondency lifts

My weariness vanishes

My sleeping faith awakes

And my dying joy is resurrected