I am Yours

The breath in our lungs

Every inhale

Every exhale

Is because You allow it


The flow of blood in our veins

Every heart beat

Every contraction

Is a gift from You


The length of our days

Every second

Every moment

Is a loan You have given us to spend


You own me completely

Life is a gift

Yet You have given me the freedom of what I do with it

I choose to follow You


Fill me O God

But never let me stop being hungry

Drench me

But may I always thirst for more


Let my heart be an ocean

That forever breaks its borders

Increase my capacity

Extend the depths of my soul


When the well within me

Becomes a cesspit of despair

I will turn to Your Word

To purge me of my doubt


May I not seek quick thrills

Let my mouth not be spoiled by cheap pleasures

May I always turn to You

For the satisfaction of my soul




The Shallows

It’s easy in the shallows

Life is so calm, so relaxing

The crystal water is cool to the touch

So refreshing as it trickles over your worn feet


It’s easy in the shallows

The current is weak, non-existent

The pull to the sea is easily ignored

Swatted away like an irritant fly


It’s easy in the shallows

There is no commitment, no permanence

You can enter and leave the water at will

Bail out whenever it gets too much


It’s easy in the shallows

There’s no effort, no struggle

You stay marooned on the dry river bank

And watch life pass you by

The Canyon

The canyon stretches for miles

A savage stab wound in the earth

Its path is punctuated with decorations

Piles of dry bones and stacks of skulls

Death marks out its domain


Once in its deep trench

There is no climbing out

It is a cesspit that sucks away all life

The echoing silence the warning siren

That living things should not come here


A lone traveller walks through

Well aware of the dangers

He carries nothing but a shovel

The canyon bares its jaws wide at this morsel

But there is no fear in his step


He begins to dig with his shovel

Hammering the ground with all his might

The sound echoing in the vastness

Vultures descend as if to mock

But he will not give up


The traveller hits the deep springs below

And water begins to flow

As they do the sky darkens above

Storm clouds summoned in by his hard work

This canyon is about to change forever


The water flows and flows

Washing away the old skeletons

Cleansing it from its torrid past

So that this canyon, once of dust and decay,

Now erupts into a carpet of green


Psalm 84:5-6 – “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose heart is set on pilgrimage. As they pass through the Valley of Baka, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools.”

Waiting Here For You

Life has passed by in a blur

Like a comic book the days flick past

They merge into a single motion; the colours intermingling

The brilliant oranges, the fiery reds

The murky browns and the shadowy blacks

All splattered on the pages, telling my story

Reminding me of the intricate fabric that makes up my life

There have been good times and there have been bad times

But at all times I wait for You


Life has so many phases

It’s like changing trains

The hustle and bustle and the flustered face as you try to find your seat

The cold, unfamiliar eyes that stare back at you

Life refuses to stay constant

Like a restless child, it can’t stay still for a second

It shakes the foundations underneath your feet

And all that you were used to falls away

But at all times I wait for You


And yet life can feel so static

Like you stuck in a frozen frame

Like the track is stuck on repeat

Monotony has stripped everything down to grey

Like damp paint peeling from the walls

Everywhere you look you see mirrors,

The same, pale reflection of life in every one

You search for meaning behind what you do

And the answer disappoints

What happened to the adventures of life?

The wild explorations and the sudden surprises

It can be so easy to become discontent

But at all times I wait for You


Dark days

They punctuate life at various intervals

Like daggers piercing the skyline; they take up the view

The sun dims and the clouds seem darker and thicker than before

The way you look at life changes

You realise that pain could be around every corner

Life doesn’t seem as stable

It is easy to let the dark, whispering mists occlude your view

To let them blind you from the truth

But at all times I wait for You


I don’t know what is on the next page of life

I don’t know how it will all unfold

But I know that You do

And I know that You will lead me

That is why I wait

Though the colours are still mixed

The bright amongst dark

I know that at the end You will wipe every tear

And only the good will remain


They are the melody of our everyday

The words, the laughter

Dancing on their tongues

Like the notes from a piper

Shimmering through the air


They are the prism to our rays of light

Turning the mundane

Into a myriad of colour

They expand our spectrum of sight

So we see so much more of the world


They break our box of mirrors

So we can see the world again

When we are blinded by situations

They give us true perspective

Remind us who we are


Without them

We are just surviving

Only with them

Are we truly living

Dry Wells

Dry wells

In the depths of our hearts

A deep ache of emptiness

Where life should flow


We’ve filled them up with dirt

Clogged them up with sin

And the dryness has taken hold

The clay and the stone have begun to crack


You come and dig a new well

In the desert of my heart

Salvation marks a new beginning

You take me from death to life


Joy bursts out like a fountain

Peace sprinkles our faces like a spray of fresh water

Gentleness washes over us like a soothing stream


Faithfulness gives us a reliable source to depend on

Hope causes long dead flowers to bloom again

Love quenches our deep thirst


You can’t stop up this well

You can’t exhaust its supply

Take as much as you need

You never have to feel dry again


“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” John 7:38 (NIV)

Mountain Spring

You are the God who brings life

Your eternal hope sustains me

It is a fresh water spring

Gushing forth, fresh and clear

From deep within the mountain’s heart


It flows down the slopes

Its intricate tributaries

Nourishing every inch of my soul

Keeping me going when life becomes stale


It winds down into a roaring river

And masses as an endless sea

There’s no vessel on this earth

That can contain it


When I draw near to You

Sparks of life ignite in me

Situations that looked dead and hopeless

Suddenly are reinvigorated

Your hope never disappoints me