You shone Your light

Into my dark world

Pierced the night of my sorrows

With a ray of hope


The black mist over my eyes

Melted away as Your truth

Lit up the path before me

Like beacons on a runway


You led me back

To the path of Your calling

Led me from my wandering

To the straight path


I cling to Your Word

Like a cast adrift sailor

Grips to a buoy

You keep me from going under

A Beacon of Hope

The lone flame in the misted glass

An island in a sea of black

A single column of light

Daring to defy the darkness


The malevolent night gathers round

Almost as if to mock

In this vastness of dark

The lamp seems so small


But bold it stands and its light shines

Each ray a valiant dagger

Piercing the black beast’s hide

Making it recoil into the corner


Though your story may seem small

It is a bright beacon of hope

Don’t hide it, don’t cover up

We so desperately need your light