Winter Days

I feel the ice

Congealing round my heart

And like frost bitten toes

My emotions drop off

Empty shells, dead to the core


The winter days encircle me

The coldness seeps in

I have forgotten what summer is like

The beautiful blooms of spring

Are nothing but an old tale


I shiver on the porch

As I wait for these days to be over

Hoping that I will once more see the sun

That this ice palace in my chest will finally melt

And I will feel again


“From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2 (NIV)


We hide them away

In the recesses of our heart

Out of sight

Out of mind


But we don’t realise

That in the darkness they grow

Grow to dominate our thinking

And shape our identity


They bubble to the surface

In any moment of weakness

We try to keep them submerged

But their ripples distort everything we see


Let go

Of the need to hide

Of the fear of rejection

Take back control of your life


We let go

And the wounds of our past

Heal up into scars

And we can move on

Out of the Ashes

Is it possible
That in the darkest night
That in the deepest valley
Something good is being born?

Can the bitter tears
Of sorrow, regret and grief
Be the catalyst
Be the water that brings new life?

As we are put under pressure
And feel the intense heat
The impurities
The weaknesses in our character
Melt away
And we become more like Him

In the worse pain
Cling to Jesus
Who bore the ultimate suffering
And came through into glorious life
He will carry you through too
He will breathe life
Into your pile of ashes