The Storm Inside

The storm whipped up around me

Swirling up bitter winds and biting rains

As I shivered in its centre

A fiercer storm awoke in me


It accelerated far quicker than the outer

Gathering angry, black clouds

Staining the blue skies of my heart

Like charcoal on a white dress


Fear began to build in the atmosphere

And let rip with large roars of thunder

Discharging panic through me

Like lightning rippling through the frantic air


Through it all You waited

Waited for me to trust You

As my worries like a whisk

Kept my inner storm spinning


I cried out and thunder stopped to listen

The lightning froze in its path

I won’t carry this burden any more

I won’t let what I can’t control steal my peace


The winds began to drop

Calm descended from above

As You dealt with the storm outside

Inside I could see the blue skies

Shining through again


Guardian of Peace

Fear is the thief
Outside the heart’s door
Waiting patiently for a chance
To force his way in

A thought of worry
Flickers through your mind
You let it settle
Allow its whisper to linger
The smallest crack appears in the door
Fear smashes his way in

He ransacks the place
Taking your confidence, your dare, your initiative
He packs your hopes and dreams into his bag
He strips everything he can
Doing whatever he can to halt your progress

Your path becomes clouded
As plumes of worry sweep over
So much uncertainty
So much that could go wrong
You turn back from the opportunity

Fear is the thief
Outside the heart’s door
Waiting patiently for a chance
To force his way in

A thought of worry
Flickers through your mind
You stand firm
You focus on the promises of God
Drawing strength like water from a well
You won’t let Fear have his way

Peace stands guard
At the door of your heart
Filling you with calmness
Keeping Fear at a distance
Enabling you to step forward
And seize the moment

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7 (NIV)


Weights press heavily on my shoulders,
The hustle and bustle of life has me in a spin,
I am not just planning the weeks to come 
I am planning the upcoming months and years as well 
Filling up my diary with endless appointments,
Just adding to the weight that rests on my aching back

But then I stop and I look heavenward,
Your Spirit descends from above and rests on me,
Imperceptible, weightless and yet so definite and clear,
You breathe new life into me,
You bring clarity to my mind and You sharpen my vision,
You unstrap me from my crushing load,
My back straightens up,
The aches and pains fall off,
The clouds vanish from the skies,
You fling my load effortlessly onto Your back and You motion to me,
And we walk together.

Image of light shadow  by Florian Sabou, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In all things You are good

I see Your beauty everyday

Your kindness surprises me at every turn

You keep me going through the mundane

You give meaning to all that I do

When I am confronted by stress and worry

You bring peace

When I feel fear’s claws dig in

You keep me strong

When I feel enraged

You remind me of the wrath that was against me

And of the One who bore it instead

I can bring no complaint against You

You are faithful and I know You won’t let me go