I’ll do it later.

Five more minutes.

Not right now.

I’ll put that off for a bit.

A simple, reasonable thought. Doesn’t seem drastic. Why not? Let me enjoy myself now. The seed takes root and poisons the heart.

Suddenly our limbs are like lead and our brains like cotton wool. We moan incomprehensibly as we try to sort ourselves out. We could just put it off like we did before. But now there is no time. Pressure breathes down our neck like a dragon and the hands of the clock are spinning like a fan. Gather your thoughts, gather your thoughts. Stay calm, take a breath. There you go. Focus. We’ve got to do this now. For goodness sake focus! Stay on task! Gather your thoughts, gather your thoughts!

But one thought does sit clearly in your mind. It repeats itself like a broken record in that nagging tone your mother always used to use.

Why didn’t I do this earlier?