A Psalm of Praise

Lift your voice and praise the Lord.

He is worthy of all honour, glory and power.

Who can match his unmeasurable worth?

If all the earth were to fade away, You would remain.

You rely on nothing to survive; You are self-sustaining, all encompassing.

Draw near to me God.


Though I am stained with sin and marked with iniquity, have mercy on me.

Pour Your love on me and forgive my sins.

Open my eyes to see you more clearly; guide me on the way that honours Your name.

Teach me and I will learn the secrets of Your heart.

I long to know you God; as a father; as a friend

Your righteous, right hand is mighty beyond all compare, with it You crumple the mountains of Hades

And crush the strongholds of the enemy.

And yet it is my comfort and my support.

Comfort me once again God.

A Psalm

How wonderful are Your words O Lord,

They are strength to the weary

They uplift the grieving and restore the broken

Your statutes fill me with joy

I will bring praises to Your temple


The power of the Lord is beyond comprehension

His Name is a refuge for the righteous

He gathers His loved ones under His wings

He holds them close, no evil shall befall them


Who can enter into the temple of the Lord?

Who dare gaze upon the face of the Lord?

Will the strong warrior in his prideful might?

Will the mighty king in his royal robes?

No, only he that puts his trust in the Lord

A Psalm of Waiting

How I long and thirst for You my God.
You are like water to my soul; like a spring Your life bursts forth
Renew my life Lord so that I may follow your ways; strengthen my weary arms
And lift up my head

Draw near to me God.
You bring life to my bones; You make my heart to sing
Let me leap for joy like the springbok; fill my soul with laughter like the hyena
I cry out for You God; do not ignore my call
You are faithful beyond description
I will wait for You God

A Psalm to the God Who Leads

I will praise the God who leads me
He guides me through the maze
Blessed is the one whose footsteps are ordered by Him
Not one will be misplaced

He makes a way in the wilderness
Through dry lands He guides us
His paths always lead to everlasting water
Our thirst is quenched at His well

The righteous path is watched by the Lord
His eyes are always on those who love Him
He will not let them trip
Their feet will never stumble

O my soul put your hope in the Lord
He who led you in the past has not left Your side
He will guide you to shores everlasting
All praise, honour, glory belongs to Him
Faithful is He to a thousand generations

Image of Hiking to Snezka: Marsh Path by Roman Boed, CC-BY-2.0